Monday, April 27, 2009

The first post to rule all first posts

So, here I stand... no sit actually.
Laptop on my lap, legs crossed, the taste of HP sauce and hotdog in my mouth and bags under my eyes. lol thats how it goes up in this duplex.
Not every blog can be so upfront.
But this ones okay to splurge a little on, considering it is The first post to rule all first posts. Hahaha.
Why in heaven's name would I name myself Tropical Disease? Hell if I know. It sounds cool. A little bit of something beautiful and exotic, and a little sence of danger. My kind of name :)
YES! Itunes is FINALLY done downloading... that only took an hour and fourty minutes of precious time. Though thinking about it, I have nothing better to do.
Oh its a great feeling to be the one finally clicking all the little "Finish" and "Continue" and "Agree" buttons at the last stage of a download :)
***trying hard not to make this a diary***
My neck hurts. And I think tonight is the first night in a whole bunch of nights
that Im actually tired enough to lay down in bed, shut my eyes,
and NOT think about sexy norwegian boys that break your heart.
Hell Yeah!
Well Bloggers, add me up, or follow me, or do whatever you do best
(dont even think about a Tweet. Hate Twitter :)

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